IEEE/RSJ International Conference on
Intelligent Robots and Systems
Vancouver, BC, Canada
September 24–28, 2017



Instructions for Technical Paper Presentations


  • Papers are organized into 90-minute sessions of six papers.
  • Each talk is 15 minutes: 12 minutes of presentation + 3 minutes of discussion.
  • Session chairs will keep strict time: do not overrun.



  • Each room has an LCD projector with (at least) VGA connector.
  • Bring your own laptop to present from, or use the one provided in each room (Windows with PowerPoint and Acrobat)



  • Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of your session to introduce yourself to the chair and test your laptop connection.
  • The session chair will introduce you by name and affiliation. Your 15 minute slot includes speaker transition, chair's introduction, your talk and 3 minutes of questions.


Instructions for Abstract-only Poster Sessions

  • The poster format is paper posters of A0 size ( with portrait orientation preferred. TV screens are NOT available.
  • For the morning sessions, your poster must be up by 8:45am, before the plenary session starts. Volunteers will be available to help you from 8:30am in the Ballroom Foyer.
  • For the afternoon session, your poster must be up by 12:45pm, before the keynotes start. Volunteers will be available to help you from 12:00pm in the Burrard Foyers on levels 1 and 2. But you can put it up earlier in the day if you wish.
  • Your poster should stay up the entire day of your presentation slot to give it as much exposure as possible .
  • Please take down your poster at the end of the day.